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Upcoming Workshops

Learn how to weave, felt, naturally dye, and mend with us in our studio or at one of our partner locations. 

We offer custom workshops for you, your team, or your kiddos! GET IN TOUCH.


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Natural Indigo DyeinG - NY SHEEP & WOOL FESTIVAL

OCTOBER 20 10AM-1pm or 2PM-5PM

Learn how to extract light blue hues from fresh leaf indigo. This workshop will also explore the ancient process of natural dyeing with powdered indigo. Participants will learn how to set up a sugar indigo vat. We will explore shibori resist dyeing techniques and have the opportunity to dip dye locally sourced yarn and roving as well as their own fiber/fabric.

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Felting for Fashion - NY SHEEP & WOOL FESTIVAL

OCTOBER 21 10am-1pm

Learn the wonders of felting with the Fiberhouse. Learn to make locally sourced and hand crafted garments in a cost effective and sustainable way. Everyone will walk away with felted shapes that can be needle felted into a a garment or experimental piece. You will learn how to felt-in-shape. This will allow you to create felt in the shape of your pattern pieces and create fully felted zero waste garments.

flower dyeing

Sprouting Color: A Flower Dyeing Workshop

NOVEMBER 10 1:30pm-3pm

A FREE FAMILY AFFAIR! Families will have the opportunity to develop an appreciation for often overlooked local flora in this natural dyeing workshop. Using found and foraged flowers we will create natural flower prints by imprinting petals, roots, and herbs onto cotton fabric. We will also have an indigo vat ready for some dips. Each attendee will walk away with a flower dyed garment piece of cloth.

Past Workshops

We have facilitated workshops at universities, museums, makerspaces, farms and schools. REACH OUT to schedule a workshop at your space, or a private lesson at the Fiberhouse studio. Here are some highlights: