Let’s learn and unlearn together.

Schedule a private session at The Fiberhouse or in the comfort of your own home! Connect with nature and your intuition through hands-on making. Our sessions are customizable and accessible to all communities. Our facilitators are trained to create a liberated learning environment.



Team Building WORKSHOPS

We work with companies and community organizations to inspire their teams through mindful making. We can support up to 10 participants at the Fiberhouse and many more at a company or community headquarters. We have a no-mistakes approach to sharing and supporting participants as they unlock their inherent creativity through handcraft.

Groups select from our natural dyeing (indigo, composted color, flower dyeing) or material creation (felting, papermaking, weaving) curricula.


Our hands-on sessions are personalized and flexible for anyone looking to integrate cloth that heals into their life or practice. We develop a custom curriculum for each individual based on their project, experience, area(s) of interest, and intended outcomes. One-on-one sessions are offered in-person or remote.

Topics covered vary, but include natural dyeing, material development, mending, garment construction (and deconstruction), painting, foraging, sourcing, and soil to soil frameworks.


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Kids Classes

We work with children ages 4-17 one-on-one or in a group setting. We partner with youth programs, libraries, and schools as well as with children at home and in the studio. We aim to support the movers, shakers, and makers of tomorrow.

We offer one time kids classes or multi-week lessons and curriculum build-outs.

Do you want Fiberhouse to develop a hands-on learning experience for your event or community but still have questions? GET IN TOUCH! We also give talks on our soil to soil research to people of all ages. We tailor our presentations to each audiences’ experience level and background.