The Fiberhouse Residency

Through the Fiberhouse Residency we hold space for individuals interested in creating cloth that heals with us in our Brooklyn based live/work studio. Residents will have access to about 400 sq ft of studio space and a place to stay while they develop a collaborative project – free of charge for 7-10 days. While we provide a place to stay at no cost, residents must pay for their own food (they will have access to our kitchen and fridge). We will provide materials during our private sessions, but residents must cover any additional material costs. We will help residents source any necessary materials.

This week-long stay culminates in a workshop to be hosted at the Fiberhouse that relates to each residents’ personal practice. Any fees collected during the workshop is used to cover the cost of residents stay.

You do not need to have a textile background (but it is totally fine if you do). We are open to creatives from all backgrounds and walks of life. All artists, designers, poets, technologists, healers, craftspeople, and/or researchers interested in integrating cloth that heals into their practice are encouraged to apply. Have a particular project in mind?

To apply fill out our application form:

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join us in red hook, brooklyn. our house is your house.