Images from our collaboration with Aurora James, for BROTHER VELLIES Fall 2016 collection. Nica Rabinowitz and Adriana Lentrichia created socks, a sweater, and a special hand woven poncho that combined Brother Vellies old scraps and shoe laces with local wool and Paco Vicuna.

A collaboration with Mimi Prober, for her zero-waste Fall 2017 collection. Nica Rabinowitz and Adriana Lentrichia created custom knit and felted textiles using remnants of antique lace and our locally sourced wool. We developed that natural gradient using mud dyes, white cormo wool, and black alpaca. Nica worked with Mimi Prober to develop naturally dyed grey eco prints and a charcoal mud dye that elevated the hemp and peace silk we helped her source.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 1.06.51 AM.png

A proof of concept collection from Nica Rabinowitz's solo label Nica Annette. This 10 piece collection was created using materials sourced and foraged from within a 150 mile radius from Brooklyn NY. Techniques explored include felting, weaving, crocheting, and knitting. The naturally dyed collection showcases local color - hibiscus, red onion skins, mushrooms, and the occasional purple carrot.

Nica Rabinowitz collaborated with creative technologist and founder of LOOMIA, Madison Maxey, on a piece commissioned by the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Madison created the print using computational design, and Fiberhouse Collective sourced the organic cotton and hemp blend. Nica hand wove the belt using local wool, excess fabric scraps, and old wires from broken headphones and chargers. The woven element explores planned obsolescence and proposes a solution for wastefulness in the tech and fashion industries.